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My Passion


As a child I grew up with “Budog”, my first dog and bestfriend, Years later, I married Pohl, also a dog lover, with Candy, a female long coat chihuahua and Coupee, a short  coat miniature  Italian greyhound -chihuahua cross breed as our babies and companions. Today, I am a proud mom of Minnie & Cooper both chihuahuas. We travel and explore the world with them. I am very passionate on loving and taking care of dogs. I enjoy bathing, brushing, grooming, hugging, singing, dancing, dyeing hair & putting pawdicures on my 4-legged friends. 

About Me


10-Yr Certified Groomer; Dog Psychologist; Veterinary Support Asssistant Certified;Member - National Dog Groomer Association of America; American Kennel Club Compliant;

 Cesar Milan (Dog Whisperer) Fan.

ASPCA member

Quality is Key


With patience and gentle hands, Jean takes time to groom pets and bond especially dogs who have a harder time with the process of grooming. Jean offers a wide variety of full service grooming to fit every pet’s needs,  She has the best quality, all-natural, organic, safe products to use for your dog to be safe during their grooming time. Trained and experienced, Jean could detect a healthy pet and could advice if she detects an early sign of medical attention.

Jean believes that even difficult dogs deserves to be groomed too. 

“do not rush me  because i cannot rush grooming your fur babies”..as Jean always tell her pet parent customers. it’s comfort first to her dog and cats clients before anything else’s . a pleasant grooming experience ,zero stress , safety   is what matters  most to Jean 

Happy Pawrents....Happy Pets...Happy Groomer

Grooming Services

last full grooming service is at 5:30 PM Additional Charge on Matted/Knotted Hair Condition/Behavioral Issues

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Dog Mom Petcare and Grooming by JEAN

881 Yonkers Avenue, Yonkers, New York 10704, United States

Tel:(914)751-7770; (914)295-4300

10:00 a.m-7:00 p.m



fur babies that has special needs may come in on weekdays between 10:00a.m-5:30pm ,Tuesday’s thru Saturdays.. Please call ahead @ 914-751-7770